We're proud to say that another one of Godell's major priorities is to constantly flourish on the cutting edge of technology, developing solutions that will bring convenience to all our users while embracing the age of digital convergence.

Digital convergence, driven mainly by the TIME industries (Telecommunication, IT/Internet, Media and Entertainment), is the priming of underlying digital technology components and features such as voice, texts, video, pictures, broadcasts, presentation, streaming media, global connectivity and personalized services; the combination of all of these features and abilities from multiple electronic systems into a simplified, converged and computer-mediated communication system to enable individuals interact, play, communicate, collaborate and share information in many new and different ways.

Our information communication and technology arm aims to raise the benchmark in providing solutions, applications and services on these simplified, converged and computer-mediated communication devices. Some of the key services include providing mobile payment services, mobile television services, and common digital broadcasting infrastructure.

Digital Tempo was incorporated in 2003 as a mobile enabler and mobile service provider for mobile solutions applications, hosting services to both corporate as well as the private mobile subscribers. Currently, the company is one of Bank Negara's authorised issuer of E Money called mobi Cash.

mobi Cash enables subscribers to pay for services via their mobile phones anywhere and anytime, by transmitting the request via SMS to a service provider with details of payment. This totally reduces the risk and cost involved the handling of cash by both the suppliers as well as the consumers.

The overall benefits of mobi Cash ranges from total convenience and time-saving to security, flexibility and efficient expense management for public users, while merchants stand to gain in terms of easier, hassle-free operation, reduction of cash-handling responsibility, infrastructural cost-effectiveness, direct marketing opportunities via mobile phones, and last but not least - no cards, cash or cheques - which result in better security and overall higher productivity.

The mobi Cash solution was developed by Digital Tempo in-house and the company continues to develop its expertise towards the latest telecommunications technology for GPRS and 3G mobile environments.

Digital Tempo has established communication gateways to all mobile service providers, offering solutions such as mobi Cash, smart messaging services for service reminders, bookings, enquiries, contests to consumers, etc., and hosting services for data and application hosting, and data transfer between businesses and customers.

A MSC Status research and development arm founded exclusively for ICT solutions, Digital Tempo Technology was established in 2003 to develop, maintain and improve the ICT wing. The company assists customers in designing, building and managing various aspects of their transformation to an on-demand e-business.

Digital Tempo Technology supports data and storage planning, installation, optimisation, migration and testing. The company also designs and delivers the security infrastructure needed to solder reliable electronic relationships.

Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting Services (DTBS) being a vital partner and key component of Godell has proved its indispensability and net worth by proposing crucial initiatives to The Government to streamline and create a uniformed common Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting Infrastructure which will in turn expedite the rollout of DVB-T, DVB-H and DAB terrestrial broadcasting in Malaysia. The common infrastructure will offer Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting (DTB) transmission and network services to existing and new Radio and Television Broadcast leaders, key Telco Service providers and Wireless Service providers in the country.

With all of the nation's major TV network channels still operating on analogue technology, 2007 has indicated a bright future for digital terrestrial broadcasting technology in Malaysia. The broadcasting industry in this country is projected to make its complete turnaround switch to fully digital technology by the year 2015.

As recent as September 2007, Malaysia announced trial programming for digital television, with Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) anchoring the responsibility to install the digital transmission system, which includes setup of digital TV broadcast services for homes in the Klang Valley.

Although costly, the advent and eventual implementation of absolute digital broadcasting in less than a decade's time will prove a minor investment for mass consumers making the switch to trade traditional TV units for digital TV sets and converters, as the Government predicts that it will fast become the established norm for TV networks by then.

This new wave of Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting (DTB) also creates new business opportunities for broadcast equipment manufacturers, not to mention television broadcasters and broadband service providers. New ways to distribute content, such as Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) as well as mobile TV, are rapidly being deployed, creating even more opportunities for innovation and growth. The availability of digital high-definition (HD) content is also rapidly increasing. The number of HD channels available to consumers is multiplying and these HD-capable TV sets are setting new sales records.

Being an aspiring leader in its field and steadily advancing towards this common goal, Godell Group is prepared and ready to light the way in this respect with its common Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting Infrastructure initiative.

Correlating further with Godell's and DTBS's partnership goal, the common Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting Infrastructure will have the following mutual benefits, which include: the expedition of the MyICMS 886 DTB rollout goal; the optimal usage of common infrastructure, no duplication of such infrastructure; better interoperability with common technical standards; unlimited leverage towards providing competitive financial and economical environments that are conducive to the common infrastructure development; overall lower cost of service rental to broadcasters; and, most importantly, overall lower cost of service to consumers.

Broadcasting Digital Network Sdn Bhd, a special-purpose company is established to rollout and provide Mobile TV services for mobile phone users. The services will be implemented using the common Digital Terretrail Broadcasting infrastructure which will allow the company to rollout quality mobile TV services at lower cost and subsequently at lower service cost to consumers.