Sound financial standing has allowed subsidiaries like Azhra Asset Management Sdn Bhd, Eksklusif Masyhur Sdn Bhd, Diskusi Mega Sdn Bhd, and Seleksi Anggun Sdn Bhd to manage Godell Group’s capital investment business. Through this company, we have made several major capital investments in the development and production of petrochemical products such as PVC resins and compounds, as well as the manufacturing of PVC and PE pipes, sheeting and rolls for IRM Group Berhad (a subsidiary of AZHRA Assets Managemen).

The IRM Group Berhad, a company incorporated in the early 70s, was one of the only three Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) manufacturers in Malaysia. Through its subsidiaries like Industrial Resins (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (IRM), IRM has created opportunities for Godell to supply to important local and export markets. These markets include Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Korea, the Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Middle East and Africa.

IRM's involvement in PVC resins production started in 1972 with a factory located at the Tampoi Industrial Estate in Johor. It produces PVC resins (K-Values 58 and 66) and compounds of various high-quality grades, used for producing a wide range of PVC end-products such as wire, cables, rigid pipes, pipe fittings, garden hoses, integrated circuit packaging tubes, door profiles, fencing, bottles and many others.

Today, the company represents the largest integrated production of PVC resins and compounds in Malaysia. Backed by the technological expertise gained through the years and further enhanced by the financial integrity of its shareholders, IRM is in a much envied position of strength as one of the best in its related industry.

IRM Group's manufacturing and sale of PVC-related products requires the company to operate as an investment holding organisation with subsidiaries that manufacture and sell PVC resins and compounds, manufacture PVC as well as PE pipes, manufacture and supply of PVC sheeting and rolls, and also provide the accompanying engineering services.