We are committed to providing solutions that address transportation and parking management requirements, as part of the overall vision of offering more convenience to our customers.

Being a unique multi-faceted parking service providing onstreet parking machines, Godell Parking is the single largest operator of its kind in Malaysia. With more than seven years experience and cultivated know-how, as well as a growing 150-strong workforce stationed at our Selangor headquarters and other branches, Godell Parking has also for the last five years invested 3% of annual turnover into R&D efforts to improve quality of services each year.

We pride ourselves on being a committed and leading provider of innovative transportation and parking management. Courtesy of our International Parking Institute membership, we're also able to leverage our knowledge and expertise resources worldwide to provide the best total transportation and parking solutions.

We have invested on solutions such as Pay-and-Display machines, Customer Service Centres, Geographical Information System/Digital Mapping (GIS), Parking Management Information System and On-Line Enforcement System, all implemented and managed by our very committed group of problem-solvers.


Formed in 1997 by founder and principal shareholder YM Dato' Raja Azhar Raja Ismail, Godell Parking (then known as Swastapark Sdn Bhd) was established to undertake the integrated traffic dispersal and car parking development, operations and management activities.

The company initially managed parking facilities through manual issuance of tickets and sales of parking coupons. Godell Parking then began enhancing its management, operational and technical competencies by forming a crucial, strategic alliance with Parkeon (then known as Schlumberger Parking Division), the world’s largest provider of complete parking solutions.

In 1998, Godell Parking's concept of privatisation and its implementation model for standardising the municipal onstreet car parking facilities in the state of Selangor Darul Ehsan received the recognition of the Selangor State Government for quality vision and high presentation standards.

In 2000 the State Government proceeded to complete the municipal on-street car parking facilities project. Godell Parking was entrusted to physically implement the concept in five out of 12 municipalities, namely the Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MBPJ), Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ), Majlis Daerah Kuala Langat (MDKlgt), Majlis Daerah Sabak Bernam (MBSB) and Majlis Daerah Hulu Selangor (MDHS), covering over 40,000 car park bays.

GODELL PARKING SYSTEM SDN BHD (GPSSB) is fully-owned by GODELL PARKING SDN BHD (GPSB), the expert in on-street parking management. We were incorporated on 10th September 1997.

Being the rising and shining player in the industry we are confident that we have the resources, the experience and the know how to provide quality professional services to our customers. We thrives on providing the best as we believe that our customers are entitled to receive our utmost attention and the best quality of services that we could endeavor.

GPSSB provides value added services to ensure that our parking complexes and sites are well managed through efficiently run and commercially accountable system. With GPSSB you can be assured of full commitment to service excellence for both building owner and also the parkers.


We are a company that pride ourselves in providing quality services with strong emphasis to accountability and efficient deliveries.

Mainly, these would be channeled out towards providing high-end parking equipments, emphasizing on value-added security features, improving the internal traffic pattern and upgrading the aesthetical value of the car park.

Apart from that, we also equip our site office with customer and service oriented officers in order to assist our valued customers in their daily parking transactions. We do not associate ourselves with the ‘budak jaga kereta’ mentality that is widely implemented by many parking management company in the country. The car park will be managed by well-trained and smartly-dressed uniform personnel. These uniforms are to be worn at all time during their working shift.

The staffs are also required to wear a staff identity badge / tag to further substantiate their position as an employee of the company.

Godell Parking System prides itself in providing high level customer service and service excellent. Exceptional customer service relations in the car park and sustaining revenue growth remain to be our first and foremost considerations throughout all of our management and operational planning. Emphasis to our concept of providing safe and user-friendly facilities that provides comfort to the Owner and their patrons.

Security in the car park is currently a major concern of many property owners. Much effort needs to be put in to ensure that the car park is a safe place to be. There have been many reported / unreported cases of crimes happening within the car parking area that if made known, could provide bad publicity and tarnished the reputation of the Premises and more importantly the Owner. This extra effort would also provide a safer and more customer friendly ambience to the consumers.

Godell Parking System has invested on CCTVs and Emergency Kiosk (strobe lights, sirens and panic button) to be located at various strategic locations within the car parking area.

In a service related industry as we are in, quality of services is very important. Realizing this factor, we are constantly improving our Standard Operating Procedures and Local Operating Procedures to keep up to date with the latest technology and changes in the industry. As an ISO certified company, we pride ourselves in providing a standard beyond the industry norm and far exceed the industry’s expectation.